With over a decade of experience, Roger Singh brings consistency and professionalism necessary to meet what the modern industry demands. He has shot all over the world with projects dealing with stories dealing with current issues. Films such as The Pirate Tapes, a film that went undercover and looked at the lives of Somali Pirates as they planned a future heist. The film was acquired by HBO. With over 50 credits in film and television, Roger has also recently completed a series, Becoming You, with Warner Bro’s UK and Apple. Along with cinematography, Roger has produced feature length documentaries that were acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films HBO, and The Orchard.

Services Provided

Roger is a passionate filmmaker with a clear goal when working on new productions. He strives to universalize the clients’ presence no matter the channel or device.

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Select Productions
  • Winner First Prize – Best Cinematography
    Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Winner – Award Of Recognition
    Accolade Global Film Competition
  • Nominee – Best Cinematography
    Edmonton Festival Of Fear International Film Festival