• Only 78

    Only 78 is a story of how a small community with an indomitable spirit has united to tell its story & lay claim to a sustainable future

    Gabarus is a small fishing village of 78 year-round residents on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. For nearly 70 years, it was for the most part well-protected from the frequently violent storms of the North Atlantic by a seawall originally built by the Canadian government.

    The Canadian government has refused to acknowledge ongoing responsibility for the seawall. The sad reality is that the story of Gabarus is one shared in many different ways by scores of coastal communities in Canada and around the world. Considered against the backdrop of dramatic climate and demographic shifts during an era of reduced public spending, many, if not all such communities face similar challenges to assure their survival.

    Only 78 is a documentary I’ve shot last summer, and may shoot more in the near future.  The film is directed by Jawad Mir.







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  • Recon

    I recently wrapped on a shoot, Recon, directed by Justin Lourenco.  First cold shoot of the season with some night shooting and a bit of stunts.  99% of the film is handheld.  It was a bit of a challenge at times doing 8 minute takes with a 30lb+ camera on your shoulder.  My Canada Goose also caught on fire.  It sent a message to the rest of the crew not to stand too close to the heaters.  I sent it in for repairs, hopefully they’ll be willing to fix it.







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